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Set like a jewelled crown on the map of India, Kashmir is a many faceted diamond, changing character with the seasons-always extravagantly beautiful.Three Himalayan ranges, Karakoram, Zanaskar and Pir Panjal- snow capped,majestic,frame the landscape from northwest to northeast. They are the birthplace of great rivers which flow throgh the kashmir valley.RajTaringini the chronology of the kashmir kings written by Kalhana eulogises the beauty of kashmir as follows: "Kasmira Parvati Parkosh; Tat Swami ch Maheswara". Meaning Kashmir is beautiful as Goddess Parvati manifest; and its owner is Lord Shiva Himself" And the Mughal Emperor exclaimed "Gar Bahisht Bar-ru-e-Zamin Ast; Hamin Ast, Hamin Ast Hamin Asto. Meaning if there is paradise on this earth: This is it, this is it.

Srinagar is at once a collection of images: a son-et-lumiere that tells the story of the love of the Mughal emperors for this paradise vale; deep green rice fields and river bridges of gardens in bloom and lakes rimmed by houseboats; at once summer capital of the state,business centre and holiday resort.

Srinagar is as much imagination as it is fact, for every season offers new vistas to this city of great antiquity. Spring breathes life again into a frozen world and the air is headywith the fragrance of a million flowers that blossom on trees,shrubs and creepers. Summer heightens the effect and autumn is poignant in its colors of warm introspection. Winter brings with it snow, sometimes the Dal Lake freezes and beneath a Leaden sky, roasted chestnuts turn the atmosphere aromatic with the promise of warmth and confort.

The river Jhelum and the Dal and Nagin lake dominate Srinagar and its life and activities.Here lush wild gardens of lotus and waterlily flower amidst bustling lakes.By the lakeside spread the gardens of Mughals in patterned beauty. And the people move with a tranquility borne of a history laden pulse of activity. IF legends are to be believed, the Kashmir valley was once a lake as large as sea and here lived an abominable demon who was killed after most of the lake had been drained with the collective help of Brahma's grandson, kashap and the godess Parvati. She was finally stilled the demon by dropping upon him a mountain and thereby crushing him in to death. This legendary mountain is no other than Hari Prabat, Srinagar's 'Takht-i-Sulaiman' hill that forms the famous backdrop to the city.


Spring season

Spring season starts from February till April Kashmir comes alive in spring when nature bedecks the valley with blossom after blossom. Throughout the valley thousands of fruits and flowers burst in to bloom exuding an alluring fragrances. Tulip season is held in April with a variety of flowers on display making it a view of the heaven on earth.

Summer season

Summer season starts from May till August Where all home tourists around all over india come and visit this beautiful paradise where a person can spend from 07-10 days in Kashmir, the kashmir is lush and green all over with waterfalls, beautiful flowers around the valley, snow peaked mountains can be seen one can enjoy the shikara ride on the lake and some water sports, like surfing, water skiing , swimming and can enjoy the lights of Dal lake during the evening. There are a lot of destinations that one can visit like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgham, Yusmarg ,Mughal Gardens and much more. Kashmir offers a series of water sports such as skiing on Dal and Nagin lakes, water trekking to explore the valley in a boat, a shikara takes sightseers along a five day route on rivers and lakes situated in the valley, you can also enjoy spending nights in camps along the way.

Trout fishing is another water sport in kashmir and fishing seasons lasts all through the summer.Even white water rafting is available. Horse riding at many places, cable car in Gulmarg. There are alot of destinations to visit high mountains one can enjoy trekking on these pine trailed mountains, we have few different treks for people of every age.

Autumn season

Autumn season starts from September till November Nature packs up for the season with wild abandon leaving a trail of gold mellowed leaves. Red fire like glowing chinar leaves starts falling. One of the special highlights of autumn are the saffron fields of Pampore for which Kashmir is very famous. People from abroad come and visit this beautiful autumn where the weather is so nice (Autumn is wedding season in Kashmir as well, where the most delicious food named as wazwan is served)

Winter season

Winter season starts from December till February The winter season starts to fall and covers the valley to hibernate. The clothing and food of Kashmir residents change drastically and they start eating warm food and spicy food and long winter coats called ponchos with the Kangris in hand to keep them warm. One can see snow clad mountains and enjoy the skiing, cable car, sledge ride, snow scooters in Gulmarg.The people love to stay in houseboat which is totally a fantastic and exotic experience as these houseboats are called floating palaces and heating is provided with wooden ovens during winters.Srinagar also boasts of lots of hotels with just a few of them are centrally heated but everyone loves to stay in the houseboat because they cannot have this experience any where else.

Srinagar is truly paradise on earth. Cashing upon this bounteous beauty, many hotels .house boat and tour operator are finding a task in the peak season to get the rooms.

The tourism department of the valley has developed some new destinations to woo tourists from across the world and assure maximum safety for the tourists.They have also taken various measures for improvement of hospitality in the valley .